Adwords or Facebook Ads?

So, what are the differences?  what are the important factors in making that decision?  and how does a business make a smart choice?

We analyze the situation and make a recommendation based on our experience of managing multiple clients.Understanding the differences in the Adwords and Facebook platforms  is key to making smart choices for profitably running an online advertising campaign.  Sometimes it’s even wise to run both of them together.

I prefer the Adwords platform for B to B applications, or when there’s likely to be people searching for a product or service online.  When people are searching online with an intent to buy, you want to be able to put your relevant products and services in front of them.  What could be better for the advertiser or the person doing the searching?  Adwords has the largest display and search networks.

Facebook Ad power is in the accurate targeting of interests.  Being able to advertise to an audience that is most likely to have an interest in your content, products, or services is also an advantage to the advertiser and the audience being advertised to.  Facebook has gotten really good at this in recent years.  Facebook ads interrupt people by showing them an ad in their newsfeed.  But, it’s really OK, because the audience is likely to have an interest in your ad, plus they’re usually fun or visually engaging ads.

Both platforms have strong video, remarketing, display, analytics, and audience targeting capabilities – they just operate differently with slightly different strengths

We evaluate your product and services, the level of Facebook social engagement, your goals, what your competitors are doing, and recommend a paid digital ad strategy.

We then create and manage ad campaigns that are designed to accomplish your objectives.

Give us a call today and we’ll set up a an audit of your existing accounts, or a market analysis for new accounts.